So What is Social Media

And What has it Got To Do With Your Business?

Two big questions. The first is a sad reflection on modern day society and the second is something that commercially one cannot ignore.

I hope to answer those questions on this site by explaining the pro’s and the con’s as I believe that people should understand what they are getting into before they start…..and social media is far from easy or simple.

You will find my articles rather long and it will take time for you to go through them. There are plenty of other sites that will simply extol the benefits of one social platform over another and tease you with tips of “how to get it right and get a squillion visitors in ten minutes”.

That is not my style and if that is what you prefer then this site is probably not for you.

The static pages may be updated as time goes by but the new stuff will be in my posts details of which appear at the foot of each page.

So if you are still with me….. let us begin….

Social Media as a Concept

We love to give things labels so that we can all understand what is being said. Take the word “Table” as an example or “Car”. We all know what they are but also realise that both labels cover a wide variety of actual objects.

There are Dining tables, kitchen tables, occasional tables, wooden tables, folding tables, mathmatical tables, statistical tables, data tables…..the list goes on. But they are all……tables.

And just think of how many different types or makes of cars there are.

social marketingAnd the same is true of what is called Social Media. It is not just Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin or YouTube or Google+……etc etc.

It is a term that covers everything that is online, for the internet is a huge loudspeaker that allows every individual to let their opinions or message be heard by anyone who is interested.

Just by reading this you are in fact engaging in Social Media. Just like you are whenever you go online and browse. The internet is here to stay and people will use it to communicate with friends or strangers.

A New Vocabulary

Post used to mean letters and parcels that the postman delivered. Now when you put something online you are “posting” or making a post. And people do post the strangest things in the belief that others will be interested. Those others are the “audience”.

Personally I find it rather sad that my friends seem to think that I am remotely interested in seeing a picture of the dinner they are about to eat. Indeed I am so old school that I prefer to talk to people and have conversations as that is how memories are forged and friendships cultivated.

But I am obviously a dinosaur and as such post very little on Facebook but do watch what others are saying and posting. That makes me a “lurker” who watches but does not get involved.

What makes me really sad though is being in a marketing socially social setting such as a bistro or coffee shop and seeing people ignore each other as they are busy “communicating” with their friends online via their mobile phones.

How long before we actually stop speaking altogether?

Building Your Brand

It used to be that a business would attract customers by either advertising or word of mouth recommendations. Of the two a personal vote of confidence from someone you trust would always encourage you to use a particular Vendor/Supplier.

Indeed we all prefer to do business with people we trust or like. It makes us feel safer.

Now a business may have the best of all widgets or offer the greatest service…..but if nobody knows that the business exists then that business will fail.

social media for businessYou will remember from watching cowboy films that the cattlemen used to mark their cattle with a sign burned into the flesh of the cow.

It was called Branding and told the world that the cow was owned by a particular ranch.

On the internet your business is your Brand and so you announce your Brand by leaving footprints all over the internet in the hope that people will recognise it and ultimately trust it. Then they will do business with you.

Dangers of Ignoring Your Brand

These days people want to check you out before they do business with you. So they simply type your business name into Google and see what comes up.Or they will type in the product or service they are looking for.

As Google loves local it will show the most relevant search results for the area in which the searcher lives. Will your business show up? If not the searcher sees what is available and clicks on one or two of the results to see what the website looks like. Then they look to see what others are saying about that business.

Search results, your website and any reviews are all footprints and will appear whether you have put them there or someone else has. The number and nature of those footprints will determine if that searcher ever contacts you.

So the more positive footprints you have then the stronger your Brand and the better your chances are of attracting new customers. But if those footprints do not exist or are negative then you are losing those new customers and your business will suffer.

The Brand of This Site

This site is the latest of the InFocus suite of sites that I have been building over the past four years as I have been learning (the hard way) what works and what does not. This one is all about Social Media and there will be articles and courses and products to help you decide what is right for your business.

Here is a simple promotional video by way of example.

Normally this would not be on the website itself but rather it is put up on YouTube and other video sites.

You then use it on social media platforms to leave footprints and encourage viewers to visit the site.

You can see the different types of videos used to promote your business here.

Having spoken with many business owners I find that basically they are too busy running their business to worry about the future of their business. They might have a website but cannot really explain why they have a website or what they expect it to do for them.

Likewise they are aware of Social Media but dont really want to get involved with it. I found this cartoon which sums it all up perfectly

social media cartoonBy going round this site you will find that there are lots of things you CAN do but whether you SHOULD do is another matter. If this site helps you come to a decision then I will feel good but if it only confuses you then I will have failed.

In the hope you will let me know either here via the Contact Us form or on the Facebook Page or Google Plus page. I end by thanking you for taking the time to read this far…..and if you enjoyed it then please click the button and give me a like!

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