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What To Put on a Facebook Business Page

Having spoken about the WHY you should use facebook for business the real fun starts when you sit there looking at the blank page and wondering “what do I put on my facebook business page?”

You know that you are supposed to be nice, friendly and helpful but what you really want is to sell your product or services.

posting for facebook business pageWell you don’t “sell” on Facebook. You inform, engage, entertain and entice people to visit your website. That is where the sales will happen.

Facebook is simply a platform that allows you to practice targetted marketing i.e. speaking to those who are interested in what you have to say on a particular subject. And you are unlikely to go to a dentist for information about loft insulation.

So you have to work out who is likely to visit your page and then you must make the visit useful to them. Ask yourself questions like “why are they there?” or “what are they looking for?” and most importantly “who is my audience?”.

A Social Media Strategy Starts With Demographics

When you meet someone for the first time your social intelligence determines how you speak to and interact with that person. You will behave differently at say a wedding reception than you would at a funeral.

Meeting someone at a bar or coffee shop is not the same as meeting them at your office or workshop. You will behave differently if they are of the opposite gender and the purpose of the meeting will also influence how you interact or relate with them.

So when faced with the total anonymity of the internet how do you know what to say to the world? The starting point is to know your customer. Thats easy if you already have a shop or office as you have seen your customer base and already know the sort of people that want your product or services.

But if you are starting out or are looking for customers via the internet then you should work out who is likely to want what you are offering.

Who Is Your Customer

This is what I did when designing and building this site and the facebook business page. My visitor is aged somewhere between 30 and 60. Probably male and runs his own business. He has a wife and children but he does not see enough of them as he is too busy running the business.

He is suspicious of using the internet for his business mainly because he does not understand it and does not have the time or inclination to learn the necessary skills. He has a website but someone else has done it for him and he is happier leaving it alone.

He knows that for the good of the business he does need to have an online presence but has no idea of who he can trust. His business provides the home for his family and a decent lifestyle and he will not risk any harm to the business as the family is important to him.

He is intelligent and nobody’s fool. He works hard and cares about his customers and his staff.

He is a good guy. I call him Bruce and he is my friend.

So when I write these articles and put stuff on the facebook page I am simply talking to Bruce.I give him information in a way that makes sense and share some laughs and tears.facebook business page post

(That should explain why I have chosen some of the images you see when going round the site as they have little to do with the subject matter.)

As time goes by he starts to laugh at my jokes and appreciate what I am doing. He thinks that I know what I am talking about and so will trust me with his business as I am a good guy and will not mess him around.

That in a nutshell is what social media is all about. So work out who your Bruce or Mary is and talk to them as a friend.

What Makes a Good Post For Your Business

I wish I could tell you but I cant……and neither can anyone else. Whatever you post may be liked by some and ignored or dismissed by others.

Being in business yourself, you know that you cannot please everyone.

And as an individual you know that sometimes you say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

This is why you need to measure the success or failure of what goal or target you have set.

Are you getting any likes or shares on your page? Even better is when you have comments left that you can (and must) respond to.

But even if you see no activity at all on your business page this does not mean failure if you can see an increase in the number of visitors to your website. That increase means that your plan is working.

Likewise if there is no activity and no increase in web traffic then your plan is not working and its time for a new plan. It is not time to give up.

My Facebook Business Pages

At the time of writing this I have one page live and one in my head. By the time you read this (if anyone ever does) the second one will be live and may in fact be responsible for getting you here.

My first one was put up about 3 years ago and is/was my experiment. I wanted to see what could be done and how the system worked. And I have made lots of mistakes including making no posts for several months at a time and trying to sell stuff.

I read lots of articles etc on Facebook campaigns and ploughed my way through the terms and conditions that Facebook insist upon.

But you dont learn to swim by reading a book….you have to get into the water and have a go.

What and When To Post

There are thousands of pages on the internet that will go into great detail about what you “should” do. The best tip I came across is simple…..

Do Not post anything that you would Not say to your Mother

So do not spam, flame, be rude, be crude, patronise, or offend. If you cannot think of anything nice to say then say nothing.

What you post depends on who you are and what you think Bruce or Mary would find useful or entertaining.

When you post is the same. Do Bruce and Mary want to hear from you every hour, day, week? Personally I will be posting about once every 5 or 6 days but will check the page every day to see if there are any comments that I need to respond to.

Having a Facebook Business page is a great way of marketing online but remember that all your efforts will be wasted if you send people to a website that is technically poor and content barren. You can read what I mean by this in the connecting the dots article.

I have found you a basic training package to introduce you to marketing your business on facebook which you can check out by using the link or the banner below and if you enjoyed this article why not use the button below and share it please.

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