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Why Use Facebook For Business

Whether you own or are employed by a business you are still a separate identity from that business. The message you have as an individual will not be the same as the message of the business.posting as the business on facebookSo when using Facebook for business make sure that you speak as the business.

On your personal page you may post something like

Had a really great pizza at XYZ last night.Check it out

That helps your friends as you are giving them information by way of a recommendation. And if your friends know that you own a pizza parlour yourself then the recommendation is even stronger as you are promoting a competitor.

But if you made the same post on your Business page then you are saying that XYZ make better pizzas than you. That may be true but it is not good for your business.

Instead you could make a post that helps you on many different levels by saying

I tried a pizza at XYZ last night. It was pretty good but I think mine are better. I know I am bound to say that but what do you think?

That shows that you are modestly confident in your own product (no one likes to hear bragging) and it engages the reader. They may try the other pizza but will then tell you what they think.

If it was better then you ask why and learn from it so as to improve your product. If it was just OK then you have a testimonial that your pizzas are the best.

What Is The Business Message on Facebook

Say you are in a bar or a coffee shop and a stranger sits next to you. “Hello.My name is Jim.” he says and then starts “I sell insurance and I know that I have just the policy you want and need”

How would you feel? Would you listen politely, say you are not interested or eventually just get up and leave?

You go back the next day and Jim sits next to you again and tries to sell you insurance. How long before you stop going to that bar or coffee shop as you really do not want to listen to Jim selling insurance.

We are all brought up to be approval junkies. We want to be liked, respected,trusted,admired and approved of by others. This drives a large part of our behaviour as we try hard not to offend others by saying or doing the wrong thing. This is called Social Intelligence and it keeps us out of trouble as we interact with others.

Jim is not using his social intelligence. He is not interested in you or what you have to say. He only wants to sell you something. The end result is that you avoid any contact with Jim.

Will you be like Jim when you post on Facebook? Will you only be talking about yourself, your business and asking people to buy your product?

Or will you be nice……and friendly…..and helpful.

That should be your message.

There is a separate article on what you actually put on your facebook business page which you can read by clicking the link or from the menu above. That deals with the HOW and here I deal with the WHY.

Building Your Brand With a

Business Facebook

When you create your business fan page you have the option to post on facebook as yourself or as the business. Both will have a personal profile picture and for the business it should be your business logo.

Then whenever you make a post as the business the logo and the business name will appear. That is pretty obvious for posts on your own page but the benefit comes when you post/comment on other pages.

Say you are Joes Pizzas and your logo is a slice of pizza. Your shop is on a street where there are other businesses.

Search for them on Facebook and look at their business page. Read their posts and leave a useful comment on one of them.

This means that when anyone visits their page and reads a post they will see your logo and your name with a useful relevant comment. The more people who see your name and logo the more chance you have that they will click and see your page. This will help raise brand awareness.

So many businesses just put up a page and pray. The “Field of Dreams” philosophy….if you build it they will come.

Then when they don’t the business gives up on this social media lark as it did nothing to help their business. The page is forgotten about and then does more damage as when people do check it out they see that nothing has been posted for years. That sends the message that the business is rubbish as it does not care about its customers.

Ignore the Power of Social Media at Your Peril

I believe that there are only two reasons why a business fails. Either it was meant to fail or it ought to fail.

If you work 25 hours a day 8 days a week on your business and it fails then it was meant to fail.You could do nothing more.

But if you ignore your business….never go in…take out more than goes in….care nothing for the customers…..then it ought to fail.

Societies change all the time and at present people will use the internet to find you and check you out before doing business with you. Your website is your shop window and social media is what gets people to look at that window.

facebook for businessHaving a Facebook business page is a great way to use the internet to promote your business….to get it known…and for the process to work you need to learn about how to be sociable to all.

You do that by being nice, not selling anything but quietly getting your message across…. namely “you can trust me and my business to solve your problem cos I am a nice guy and care about you and your needs.”

But social media is a marathon not a sprint. When you start you have to keep going. If it is not working then you must work out why and change your approach.

The starting point is to have an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.That is the point of this article….to make sure you appreciate the difference between Strategic Marketing (why you are doing it) and Targetted Marketing (how you are doing it).

Why You Need a Plan Before Using Facebook For Business

Strategic Marketing needs you to formulate a plan or strategy that can used to monitor the success or failure of what you are doing. And you also need a policy to protect the business when you speak to the world. Suggest you read both of the articles by clicking the links or from the menu above.

Targetted Marketing is where and how you plan to get your message across. Facebook provides a huge audience but not everyone wants or needs to hear your message. So you must work in a way that appeals and attracts those who are interested in your product or services.

Take for example the idea of going to a convention center on the day of a meeting. There will be a large audience (strategic marketing) so you invest in posters, flyers and social media (targetted marketing) so that people know that your business will be there.

Sounds great…..but you are selling hamburgers and the convention is for vegetarians.

If you have a bad strategy or no strategy at all then your marketing may very well fail. By looking at your competitors facebook pages you will quickly see if they are getting it right. A page with few likes and no activity for months shows that they had no strategy and have given up.

By now you have realised that there is a bit more involved in using Facebook for business than just putting up a page and a few adverts. When used effectively it will work wonders for you but will harm you if it is always about you and never about them.

I have found you a basic training package to introduce you to marketing your business on facebook which you can check out by using the link or via the banner below. And if you enjoyed this article why not use the button below and share it please.

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Using Facebook for Business is part of harnessing social media to promote your business. But it is only one part of your social media strategy. Learn how facebook can help get your business brand known on the web