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Why Have A Google Plus For Business

A few years ago the mighty G gave every business its own page whether that business wanted it or not. It was all part of their plan to launch Google Local Business (now called Google My Business) and encourage people to use Google Plus for business promotion.

google plus for businessYou can spin this in many ways from how helpful all the way through to how terrifying that Big Brother is now a reality.

Bit like stem cell research which opens the door to wonderful cures for Parkinsons Disease and regenerating lost limbs or organ replacements whilst at the same time allows for genetic manipulation to breed biological weapons or strange human beings.

But I reckon that Google is just an example of capitalism as Google is a business and makes money from giving people something they want. Just like you do but on a much, much smaller scale as few can compete with Google.

Indeed their market share is over 70% of all search engine use and the second most used search engine is YouTube…..and that is owned by…..yes you guessed it….Google.

And every time you search for anything up comes a series of adverts. Businesses pay Google every time one of those adverts is clicked. They pay anything from 5 cents up to $20 (or more) per click and can pay more to ensure they get into the top position.

Lets say that an average click is 50 cents. At any minute worldwide there may be 50 million searches being done on Google. If one person in 10,000 clicks an advert then Google makes $2500.

Multiply that by 60 and then by 24 you get $3,600,000.00 per day.

Sort of makes you wish that you could have met the founders of Google in their garage when it was just an idea and do a deal whereby you give them $1000 seed money and get 25% of the company.

Of course these figures are just arithmetic and the true figure could be significantly more or less but it demonstrates why Google wants to help businesses as the more people use Google the more money it makes.

Relevance is the Key

Search Engines work by reason of statistics and probability. If I type “Green Widgets” statistics say that most people who looked for green widgets visited these 100 sites and so probably one of them has what I am looking for and the results appear.

But if I type “Blue and Green Widgets for sale” I will get different results as I am probably looking for specific information (vendors of widgets) as opposed to general information.

Whereas Google does not “know” you as an individual it does know where you are geographically because of the location of your ip address.

This can be used as a form of engagement as you will discover if you click on the media and google plus
When you do a pop up will appear welcoming  you and identifying the city and country where you live based on your ip address.

Likewise Google also “knows” your browsing history and what you like and do not like….so the results it shows you are more relevant to you.

If I am in Birmingham and want a plumber I go to google and type plumber and I get a list of local plumbers as a plumber round the corner is far more use to me than a plumber in a different city or country.

In fact the process starts as I type for Google will show me a list of what other people have typed using that word. As I get to the s and put a space and start writing “in” up will come a list of cities and “near me”.

This is how Google solves the problem that the searcher is looking for ……by presenting results relevant to the search term.
Your business will show up where relevant whether you want it to or not and whether you have a website or not.

Remember that I started off by telling you that your business has a business page as a gift from Google. And it is appearing in local search results.

Is Your Google Page Working For Or Against You

You will have seen the local search results page on a search. There is a map with markers on it showing locations. There is also a list of the businesses shown on the map. If the page has been claimed it has the url of the business website. If not then it has the link.

The listing also says how many reviews there have been and will even add some stars if appropriate. If you have not yet done so I suggest you type into Google the type of your trade or profession and your city (e.g. hairdressers worcester) and see if your business is there and where it comes on the list….and see if there are any reviews.

I recently did this for a local taxi firm. They had not claimed their Google My Business Page and had no idea that it even existed. Click the image to read the results.

[huge_it_gallery id=”2″]
People can leave reviews about your business whether you know about it or not.

It can take a lifetime to build a reputation and only seconds to lose it.

The owner of this business either didnt know or didnt care about what people were saying or surely they would have done something about it.

If you claim your page then at least you can do something about bad reviews. In fact this has spawned a new breed of business that rejoices in the name of “Reputation Management.”

What Are People Saying About Your Business on Google Plus

People check you out these days before doing business with you.They do this by looking at your website and on social media pages and on Google. Some of the results are footprints made by you deliberately whilst others are left by your customers or competitors.

If you have no footprints because you do not have a website or any social media business pages then people will go elsewhere. This suggests to the searcher that your business cant be any good as you have no web presence.

And sooner or later there will be some bad footprints. Nobody is perfect and mistakes will happen. You cannot please everyone all of the time. It is how you deal with those errors that separates you from all others and you need to be prepared for it by having a process set out in your Social Media Policy.

By claiming your Google plus business page you can deal with any bad reviews by apologising or gently explaining why it will never happen again. Then when people see how you deal with adversity it will impress them or at least give you the benefit of the doubt.

And by having the page under your control you can get links back to your website and use the page to engage your potential customers. A few good reviews will get you stars and you will rise higher in the results.

What To Put On My Google Plus For Business Page

I suggest you read the article written about the facebook business page as the concepts explained there are just as valid.

There are things you can do on Facebook that you cannot on Google Plus and vice versa. Personally I find the ability to have video calls (hangouts) very useful and you can set a date for your followers to attend and then give a demonstration or explanation of your product or services.

Just as some like Costas and others Starbucks your audience will use Facebook or Google Plus or even both. So it will do no harm as such to post the same content on both platforms and will in fact increase your reach. After all even Google has a Facebook Business Page!

I have found some training for you on the basics and use of Google Plus for Business which you can learn more about by clicking the link or via the banner below. And if you enjoyed this article click the button below and share it please..

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Having a Google + Business page is the first step in getting your brand known.Using Google Plus for Business is part of harnessing social media to promote your business. But it is only one part of your social media strategy. Learn how Google Plus can help get your business brand known on the web