How to Use Instagram for Business

What You Need To Use Instagram

I wish it were as simple as simply having access to the internet. You do need that of course but if you intend to use Instagram for business purposes then you will need some software and some hardware and a great deal of patience.

Signing up for an Instagram account is easy. You just go to their site and fill in the forms. You can do that from your desktop but you need the app in order to upload and use their filters.

And an app will not work on a desktop pc or a laptop. It will work on a smartphone or an iphone or a tablet and the app is free.

Where To Use The App

The chances are that your operating system is either Windows or Apple. They will not run apps but there are programmes you can download and install on your pc that will allow you to run apps on your pc.

instagram for businessThese programmes are free and you can find them by googling “how to run an app on a pc” or “emulators”.

I tried 4 of them starting with Bluestacks. I gave up with them as their support desk was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Every time I tried to upload an image the programme would freeze.

I had no joy with any of the next 3 each of which had different problems. My pc runs on windows 7 and there was obviously some conflict somewhere as it really did not like emulators. Perhaps if I tried again now it would be better….or it may be that they work fine on a Mac.

But I lost patience and was rather frustrated after spending days trying to get one of them to work. You may have better joy. I decided to use my phone instead.

PC Phone or Tablet

I have an IPad as it is necessary for me to see how sites look and render on a tablet. A lot of sites use flash which looks great on a pc……but not on a mac. Apple does not like flash and so will not allow it to run.

I have great sympathy for those business owners who have spent large amounts of money having a pretty site built that looks empty when viewed on an Iphone, Ipad or Mac. Such a shame.

My Ipad does not have a USB port and so I cannot simply link my pc to the pad. But my images are all on my pc so the problem was to get them from the pc onto the pad. I knew how to do that but it was such a drag so instead I just plugged in my phone and moved the images.

But it did mean that the campaign was run from the phone rather than the pc. I tell you this so that if you run into the same sort of problems then you can work round them.

What Tools Do You Need To make Instagram Work

Obviously the main thing you need are images. Use your own if possible but otherwise make sure that you buy some royalty free ones that are relevant for your sort of business.

Taking pics of you, your staff, your building and your product is easily done with your phone.

The quality of the pic can be adjusted by the filters inside Instagram and can make even poor pictures look enticing.

Having got your picture ready then there are two things you need to do. The first is to find the right hashtags and there are sites that will tell you the most popular ones. Just google your type of business and hashtags.

Make sure you copy as many of them as you can as they will be needed for the next phase.

You should then post your images using 3 or 4 of the best hashtags together with a short comment.

A Great Tool for Instagram

When you have the hashtags that you want then its time to go to and have them do the hard part for you.

They will use the hashtags you have collected and visit the accounts of users of that hashtag. They will leave a comment from you and you will start to follow that person. Usually that person will have a look at your images and start to follow you back.

To make sure you do not leave the same comment every time you can get a collection of them by visiting this comment generator.

Instagress will do this for you for 3 days for free. Thereafter you have to pay them but not a lot.

I ran a campaign and posted 3 or 4 images a day for 35 days. I paid instagress $10 and had 30 days help from them. It resulted in me having just over 1500 followers.

It took about 30 minutes a day to upload and post the images which I had bought in bulk for about 1cent each. I then dropped posting to 1 a day and after a week it became 1 a week.

4 months on and having not used instagress again I have 2200 followers and it takes up about 10 minutes a week.

So you can see that for a small outlay you can leave big footprints that will get your brand out there….and Google will help you by shortening your URL which you can read about by following the link.

And Finally

You should also think about having more than one Instagram account especially if you are selling products. And there is a right way and a wrong way to set them up which one day I will do a post about.

I have found some training for you on the basics of getting started for using Instagram for promoting your business. You can read more here or by clicking on the banner below.And if you found this useful then please share it.

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How to use Instagram to Promote Your Business

Instagram can be used to get your business known on the web. Get followers on Instagram by using these methods and tips for online business ideas.