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Use Social Bookmarking To Promote Your Business

There are so many sites talking about Social Media marketing and how to use social bookmarking to benefit your business that my voice can easily be lost in the crowd.

In fact as I write this I have no idea as to whether anyone will ever read it…so am I wasting my time? Is it all futile?

social bookmarking for businessAnd yet here you are which means my social media strategy worked….. for you would never have known about this site unless you saw and acted on one of my footprints.

I do not know which one brought you here but now that you are here I hope you are finding the content interesting and useful.

If not then I have failed you for you obviously want or are interested in information about using social media for marketing your business.

Where Do I Use Social Bookmarks

I have already explained that the purpose of social bookmarks is to create footprints and why that is important. You are using other sites to encourage people to visit your site.

The next step is to decide what sort of footprints you want to leave which then determines where you put them and what you say in them.

The Essential Places to Bookmark

You must claim your Google My Business Page and then expand into the main relevant online directories both of which I have written about.

These require a sort of pamphlet approach giving basic details such as where you are, what you do and how to contact you. Once done then they can be updated as the need arises.

Then there is your Facebook Business page and your Google Plus Business Page. These obviously need far more content and attention.

This then puts your business into the results for when people are searching on Google or Facebook and any other search engines for your sort of business.

Web 2.0 Sites

This is the technical term for those sites that specialise in rich media content such as YouTube and Itunes.

There are dozens of Video sites where you can put up a video about your business.

But remember that Google owns YouTube and so will usually favour videos that are on YouTube.

Now you will understand why there is a video on every article on this site as well as an audio version (coming soon) as there are also many podcast sites each of which gives a backlink to this site.

It also shows you that you can use the same content in different formats all designed to get the site noticed.

And there are all sorts of types of videos that can help you as you can see by looking at the Videos For You page.

As different people like their information in different ways then this will catch those who want to watch or listen. In fact YouTube is the second most used search engine! So why are you not there?

Information Sites

I have already mentioned StumbleUpon and Digg but there are lots more sites that just tell people about new sites or topic related sites.

Then there are sites that allow you to simply put up relevant content such as Tumblr. They each have their own type of audience who like to get their information in a particular way.

One of my favourites is Slideshare where you can put some information from an article about what your business does onto a powerpoint project and then upload it.

I have put these named sites as links so that you can go and have a look….but be warned you will spend time just looking around them as they are very interesting.

You may have to sign up before you can access them but the account is free.

These sites appeal to those who look for more information than the search engines give due to restrictions as to the number of characters allowed.

So by seeing what a website looks like and the information it gives before going to that site is a much better starting point. It also means that if they then visit your site they already think that you have what they are looking for.

Question Sites

You can help people by answering their questions on a topic that you are knowledgeable….but keep it to your business. If you sell plumbing equipment then do not bother to answer questions about acne scars.

You know the problems that your business has a solution for and so you can use that knowledge to answer their concern.

Open an email account with Yahoo with an address that has nothing to do with your business. Then go to Yahoo Answers and search for questions about the sort of thing your business does.

You will be amazed at what people ask.

When you give an answer you can say something like:

“And you can find more information on this site which I found very useful”

Then you have a backlink and whoever reads that question will see your reply.

There are other sites such as AskJeeves and Askme but the principle is the same.

The Dont’s of Social Bookmarking

The biggest no no is to try and sell anything directly.

What you want is to encourage people to visit your site. This means that your content must be useful and relevant information which promises more of the same if they visit your site.

And it also means that you have to provide that information in such a way that it appeals to the search engines.

The next one is sending traffic the wrong way. You want people to go to your site not someone else’s. So do not put a link on your Facebook page to your content on Stumbleupon.

Another big one is to forget that some of the sites are communities which means the public can leave a comment or review. Whenever anyone posts a reply/review or comment then have a look and deal with it by either thanking them or explaining.

And Finally

And yes I have found some training for you on the basics of how to use Social Bookmarking for business promotion as part of your social media marketing campaign. Read more by following the link or from the banner below.

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Having a website will do your business no good if nobody knows it exists. You need to leave footprints all over the web and you do this by using social bookmarking. Learn how and get tips here.