The Next Step

Obviously you want to know what will happen and what it will cost. So without any sales hype this is what you can expect.

Firstly it may not be right for your business to be in all 16 of the listings and the cost of so doing may not be attractive.

Instead you will pay $497 and choose any two of the free listings or one of the “Big” ones.

You will remember that there are 11 free listings and 3 that offer a paid for service (Yahoo, MerchantCircle and MapQuest). The last two are Google Local and Facebook.

Although Google and Facebook are free there is a great deal more work to be done. So they each cost $497.

This means that $497 buys you either:

  • 2 of the free listings done for you or
  • a Facebook Page set up for you or
  • the Google Local set up for you.

The free listings will certainly be done within 7 days but if you choose to have the Google or Facebook option that may take longer as banners have to be designed and approved.

When you Click the Paypal Button below you will be asked for a payment of $497 by Paypal. (We will never ask for or hold your credit card details.)

After payment has been made you are immediately taken to a page where you will supply the necessary information so that the listing process can start.

But first you have to Click the Button


And if you order before the 31st July 2015 then all future orders from you for the free listings will be at the reduced rate of $297 for each 2 ordered

We look forward to working with you to build your brand.