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RepWarn Explained

There is a Webinar that is meant to encourage you to sign up for RepWarn….but I moved it to a separate page (which you can visit by clicking here).

I moved it as this page is to give you the information you need as the shots of the inside workings in the webinar are a bit quick and do not give enough detail.

So before you make any decision let me show you the inside of RepWarn and just some of the uses this marvellous tool can be put to.

I have prepared several videos so that you can see what is involved and how it all works.

It has made this page rather long but it means you do get all of the information in one place…even if it does take more than one visit.

You know how to bookmark a page!

There is a Sign Up Button that will take you to the official RepWarn Sales Page but it is right at the bottom of this page.

You will also find a report on Reputation Management that you can download for free and without giving your email.

To watch any of the videos just click on the image. They each load in a lightbox so that you can watch them.

The first explains what RepWarn is and shows it to you in action.

It covers the practical things missing in the webinar.



Your Business

Here you learn the first alerts you should always set up.

The results you get will teach you how to fine tune so that you get the right information.

Below are specific examples together with tips of how it can be used to help individuals,businesses and professionals. 

RepWarn For……




Employment Agencies



Having watched the videos you now see why the scare tactics in the webinar were unnecessary.

RepWarn is good enough to be sold on its merits.

Do You Need RepWarn?

Of course you can log into Facebook,Linkedin,Twitter,Google Reviews,Google+,Yelp,Trip Advisor,Forums etc every day and check what if anything is being said about your business.

Or if you dont have the time then you can pay your staff or someone else to do it for you.

Are There Free Tools Or Will I Have To Pay?

There are some of each and it does rather depend on what you are looking to accomplish.

Are you curious as to whether your Social Media Campaign is working i.e. is it worth the cost?

Are you concerned about bad reviews and worry that you are losing business because of them?

Are you platoolbox for reputation managementnning an advertising or social media campaign and want to see what your competitors are doing?

Or are you wanting to research a particular item and see all the updates?

Just as there are different tools in your toolbox for different purposes there are different softwares and services for what you are looking to do.

The Free Tools

If you want to know what is being said about you,your business/brand or a particular topic on social media then you can use Social Mention.

They say that “Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc

It gives reports that you can go to but does it by source….so there may be 5 pages of facebook, then 8 pages of twitter then so many pages of….etc.

If you are worried about reviews then you can use Complaints Desk.

They say “The search box below performs a Google search on over 40 (and counting) complaint websites

They also suggest/recommend that it is used regularly as you have to input the search. It does not monitor or alert you.

Monitor This will pull out for you your brand-related information from 20 search engines. It does this by subscribing you to various RSS feeds which you can read online with a newsreader.

Pin Alerts and TweetAlerts are services offered by….Pintrest and Twitter. They will alert you when someone mentions you on their platform.

Paid Services

Trackur tracks Facebook, Twitter, Google+ tumblr, Instagram, flickr, YouTube, news, blogs, forums as well as online reviews to bring you all the mentions your brand is receiving.

It has a nice dashboard which gives you lots of analytics including info about “strength” of comments.

They offer 3 packages. $97 per month gives 50 tracked keywords, $197 per month gives 250 and for $447 per month an  unlimited number.

Trackur is more suited to businesses who are very active on the research questions for reputation managementInternet and for whom tracking all their online mentions by themselves is a time consuming task.

ReviewTrackers lets you track all your online reviews from more than 50 review websites, including all the major and industry-specific ones.

It alerts you to new reviews, and allows you to monitor multiple locations at once, respond to reviews from within the application, as well as request user reviews.

It promises to keep an eye on every major review website, including major review sites like Google, Citysearch and Facebook, as well as industry-specific sites like TripAdvisor, and OpenTable.

They ask $49 per month for a single location business and you have to get a quote if you have more.

ReviewPush is another option in this regard with similar features, but it covers a lesser number of review websites.

It actively monitors and collects reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo, and YellowPages, to name but a few. It does not cover Twitter or Linkedin.

They also ask $49 per month for a single location business and again you have to ask for a quote for multiple locations (tough if you only have 2) but they then add twitter.

If you are looking for Reputation Management that monitors items for you then there are several companies offering such services at a variety of prices.

Rather than list them all here you can find over 25 of them by reading this article that lists what they suggest are the best.

And yes…..I found all of the above by using RepWarn!

But here is a comparison table you will see on the sales page. Click the image to read in detail.

repwarn comparison table

The Pro’s and Con’s of RepWarn

You can use a chisel as a doorstop or as a screwdriver….but it is best used as a chisel.

RepWarn is an information gathering tool. A sort of multi layered search engine.

It cannot think for you and so will only search for that information you ask it for.

You know the expression “Rubbish In Rubbish Out” so if you use the “wrong” search words then you will be disappointed by the results.

When you search in Google you get suggestions as to what people are searching for.

research signpostRepWarn does not do that so you must be careful as to the words you search for.

Its main benefit is that is saves you time.

What you are looking for may be on page 8 of Google so will you ever find that information that is the missing piece of your puzzle?

RepWarn finds it all and presents it to you in one place so that you can sift the wheat from the chaffe.

So the real question is how much is your time worth?

Do you enjoy continually refining your search and ploughing through the results and then having to log into the various social media platforms and searching again?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just set it up and be notified whenever something new appears on your chosen topic?

One of the uses of RepWarn is to tell you daily if you are being talked about.

And if you get no messages then it means that no one is talking about you….so what will you do about that?

But I believe that its best use is as a research tool as it will save you so much time and give you ideas that had never occurred to you.

What Does It Cost?

The Sign Up Button below takes you to the Official Sales Page which extols the praises of RepWarn and encourages you to sign up immediately.

The page goes out of its way to make you aware that you will have a 7 day trial for $1.

At the end of the 7 days you have the choice to cancel or continue with the package you chose.

It is a subscription service. You can pay $97 a month for unlimited keywords or take the lite version which only gives you 10 keywords for $39.95 a month.

If you take the $97 a month trial you are given the option to choose to pay monthly at the end of the trial or $997 annually.

In very small print at the very bottom of the page there used to be a link allowing you to sign up straightaway if you so choose. That seems to have gone but if you want to skip the trial then GO HERE

Are there Any Bonuses?

If you do sign up using my link then, yes, so to sweeten the deal I promise 2 bonuses.

The first is free access to a course I have prepared teaching you how to “audit” your website. Six videos showing you free tools  that enable you to understand and see what is working and what is not working for your website.

The second is a guaranteed method for you to make money from the RepWarn system.

To claim these bonuses simply email me at with the transaction number/receipt.

Put “RepWarn Bonus” as the heading and I will send you the access link for the first and an explanation of the second.

Neither are available if you take the $1 trial and cancel within 7 days.

What About That Report?

Here is the report on Reputation Management that I promised you.reputation management tips Just right click the image and save to your hard drive.

It gives you some tips on how to deal with bad reviews and maintain or repair your online reputation.

In addition I suggest you read my article on having a Social Media Policy.

And Finally

If you have any questions or problems either before or after you sign up then just drop me an email….I am here to help and want you to be happy.

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Replay of a webinar explaining what online reputation management is and how it will help your business large or small to succeed or fail. Your reputation is your brand and you need to know what the world thinks of you. This online reputation management tool will put you in charge by monitoring what is being said online about your business.