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Should You Use Twitter For Business

Only right that I tell you upfront that I do not use Twitter for business. Not that I have anything against Twitter it just does not fit my business model or social media strategy. I have an account (@infocus11) but have yet to do anything with it.

I see a lot of sites that have the “standard” array of social media icons namely Facebook, Google+ and of course Twitter. Some have another seven or so and it makes me wonder where they find the time to be so social and still run a business.

And time is one of the main reasons I do not use Twitter. The other is that you are limited to 140 characters and as you will have gathered by reading my musings I do like to say a lot. Perhaps that is a throwback to my lawyer days for in the past lawyers were paid by the foot i.e. the longer the document the more they got paid.

After all why use one word when ten will be much better.

Why Is Time a Problem for Using Twitter?

It is ok to post on facebook and/or G+ once every 2 or 3 days. You cannot do that on Twitter. People expect a reply and according to a Lithium Technologies research, 53% of the users who tweet you expect your reply within the hour.using twitter to promote your business

It’s like having a conversation and people will stop following you if they have to wait too long for you to reply. And when they stop following you they forget you or even worse decide that they will never use your business.

And when you decide to publish a tweet, it’s easy to start reading up on everyone else’s tweets to see what is being said. Then before you know it, half an hour has passed and you can’t remember what you were going to tweet about in the first place.

Social media is supposed to help your business but every hour you spend on it is an hour away from your business and the work keeps piling up. There is no point in constantly looking for new customers if you are letting down your existing ones.

So when deciding on your social media strategy remember to factor in just how much time you are prepared to devote to it.

Look Around Before Diving In

I suggest looking at your competitors sites and seeing what social media (if any) they are using. They may have the three main icons but first look to see if there is a Twitter feed on the page. This will tell you how active they are using Twitter for business.

If the last tweet was more than a week ago and the one before that over a month ago then they have got it wrong.

Their strategy is actually hurting them as it says to the world “I dont care if I dont talk to my followers”

If there is no feed then try clicking the icons and see how they are doing with their social media campaign. I have seen sites that have the twitter icon but no twitter account. Others take me to a page where the last tweet was 12 months ago and not many before that.

Then again there are those that do use it properly with regular interactive tweets that engage and invite comments. You use those to learn what works in your industry.

Is Automation Good To Grow My Business?

I am a great fan of automation but only when it is used properly. An autoresponder is a good tool as it will send out messages automatically without having to wait for me to do it.

So when a person decides to follow you how nice it is to have a welcome tweet automatically sent to that follower whatever the time of day or night.

And there are services that will do this for you and even make tweets and grow followers for you. HootSuite do this very well indeed.

But every tweet that comes from HootSuite says that it is from HootSuite even though it is on your behalf……which is fine but to me it says that the business is paying someone else to make friends for them.

So if you do decide to outsource and automate your twitter campaign think about using a service that will do it as your business rather than advertise their own whilst promoting yours.

Advertising Using Twitter

Whilst Twitter is a free service you will have to pay to use it for advertising. They call it Twitter Ads…..which is hardly surprising.

Twitter for Business allows you to target your audience by the following criteria: Interests, Similar followers of a specific account, Keywords, Location, Gender, Language, Device or Operating System (App Installs or Engagements only)

Once you define your audience, you will need to set a budget for your campaign. Similar to Google AdWords, Twitter wants you to define how valuable your ads are and then bid accordingly.

When setting your budget for your Twitter Ads, you will begin by setting the maximum amount that you want to spend on your campaign as well as spend per day. Then you will be prompted to bid on the maximum amount you are willing to spend per engagement.

After you set your bid, the interface will present you with an estimated projection of how your bid will perform. This projection has been said to be hit or miss considering that some users have seen over a 300% growth in activity from their campaign while others can’t seem to see the difference between promotional and organic activity.

Twitter for Business offers several payment methods: CPF (Cost-per-follower), CPC (Cost-per-click), CPE (Cost-per-engagement), or CPL (Cost-per-lead). Once you reach your campaign’s maximum budget, your campaign will stop so you’ll never be charged more than you want to pay. Also, Twitter promises never to charge for any organic activity.

If you have tried Adwords then you will see that Twitter has copied the business model of Google and done it very well.


That Twitter is a successful social media platform is not in doubt. Whether it is right for your business is something that only you can decide.

If no one else in your industry is using it then perhaps you can be a trailblazer and be incredibly succesful or perhaps you are going down a well trodden path that others have discovered leads nowhere. The decision should be made based on your strategy and what is right for your business.

Indeed the whole reason for this site is to make you think before you embark on your social media experiment. Just having a few social pages and using them and twitter for business will have a negative effect if there is no strategy as to why they exist in the first place. Read about the connections here.

And yes I have found some training for you on how to master the basics of Twitter which you can read about by Clicking Here or from the banner below.

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